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  1. I am looking to purchase some black anodized aluminum replacements. Does anyone know the size/thread pitch, length?
  2. I have been through two of the MasterFan Pro 140 Air Pressure RGB and one of MasterFan Pro 140 Air Flow as rear exhaust on my Mastercase H500P and all three have bad bearing whine /noise. So bad that I have reinstalled the rear exhaust fan, that was included with the case. Is anyone else seeing this with the MasterFan Pros? This is pretty disappointing considering the 200mm fans are for the most part quiet albeit a little wobbly.
  3. Since there is no sub forum for the H500P I figured i would share my thoughts my completed build. IMO the case is sturdier than reviewers led us to believe. Who knows but maybe the review samples were preproduction units. I see no issues with fit of the panels and overall fit and finish of my case. The front panel clips securely into place and I had no problem picking the case up and moving it from the office to the living room with the front and top panels on once completed. The top panel could clip on a touch more securely but is it not a deal breaker by any means. The tempered glass panel on my case fits very securely but I do have a 1/16 – 1/32 gap top to bottom between the window and the case. I had both 3/8 by 1/8 and ¼ by 1/16 single sided closed cell foam tape in the garage and used the 1 / 4 by 1/16 I used on the front and rear edge for a perfect seal. Cable management in the rear is excellent and the covers provided are awesome for concealing your bundles of cable and keeps everything very neat behind the side panel. There has been quite a bit of discussion regarding the case and airflow but my results are quite good. My temps as reported by HW monitor while playing WoW and after running Time Spy, Fire Strike and Unigine Superposition stress tests never exceeded 60c CPU and 64c GPU. I added a pair of the Cooler Master 200mm fans up top and now see 55c CPU 60c GPU temps so all and all I am quite pleased with the cooling and really like the aggressive industrial look of this case. My build: Asus Maximus iX Hero Core i7 6700K 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 LPX Noctua NH-D15 EVGA GTX 1070 FTW2 EVGA SuperNova 750 G3