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  1. The 2 pin cables (from the last picture) are for the LEDs of your front fans. ( You should got 3 of them) The other 3 pins (brown wire) which forms a Y cable are used to plug in a 200mm fan or 2 x 120mm fan. You can leave them unplugged in the case no problem, otherwise if you want to plug in a fan you can do that too ^^
  2. Hello guys, yesterday i bought an additional hdd cage so i can install the 3rd fan in the front of the case (CM Storm Stryker), i already got 2 fan in the front plugged in the grey wire so the 3rd fan can be plugged in the brown wire (Y form) the problem is the brown wire isn't working i tried different fans and nothing, the fans are working 100% i tried them on the MB. All the other wires and features of the front panel work like the fan controller usbs etc.. so the problem might be the brown wire. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advice!