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  1. use a resistor extension, 10 for 5 bucks on amazon
  2. I bought one MAsterfan pro rgb 120 and it sounds like a lawnmower. A LOT of coil whine lol. Otherwise quite good.
  3. Not worth it. I thought pwm could go lower rpm than voltage but thats not true. Thats essentially the only advantage so they are exactly the same.
  4. Oh yea the led would be good for marketing but not much else. IMO case lighting should be white just like rgb fans shouldnt be static, but led strips are bad at white so its blue anyways:P.
  5. I really thought these were going to be the best fans on the market. Theyre a combination of a good coolermaster fan reminiscent of the xtraflo fan from the 212 evo, and RGB LEDS which can never go wrong. The big issue is noise. These things sound like a lawnmower. The noise gets worse at higher rpms and much better at lower rpms so its not bearing noise, its a form of coil whine. Theres also control issues such as the fan not even going to 0 rpms on pwm, and if you use voltage, the leds turn off as you lower the voltage. The PCB is too bloated. The design has 4 super bright leds, a pwm mosfet, probably some led mosfets, 4 giant radial coils, an overcomplicated driver and finally, the leds are powered off of the fan header instead of the simpler solution of just using RGB power.
  6. my printer doesnt work with 3.0 and especially not with that red colored 3.1 port. I'd be sol without it.
  7. connect as many as you want to a single header because its powered by the fan header. Notice there are only 3 wires for the connector, so the power line is the one left out.