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  1. Josh

    Masterbox Q Series

    That is about how much I have in my current case and it works, now all I need is a release date and I'm set.
  2. Josh

    Masterbox Q Series

    That sounds like somewhere between 160mm or 165mm for cpu clearance from your description. Thanks, I will be waiting patiently for further updates.
  3. Josh

    Masterbox Q Series

    Has the sample case arrived yet? I'm really trying to wait for the Q300 series to be released but the Define Mini C with tempered glass is making things difficult.
  4. Josh

    Masterbox Q Series

    Thanks. My current cpu cooler is only 160mm, but since the Masterbox Lite 3.1 only allows for 158mm of clearance, I wanted to know before buying one of these cases if a new cpu cooler would be required.
  5. Josh

    Masterbox Q Series

    That's what I thought, but wanted to make sure there was no new info out that I had missed. Cooler Master reportedly said the cases would be released between business quarter three and four of this year, which we are within. Looks like I will have to wait longer to get a new case since the Q300L is one a few that currently have caught my eye. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Josh

    Masterbox Q Series

    At Computex 2017 the Masterbox Q series was shown, namely the Q300 series and I was wondering if there is any new information on these cases. What I'm most interested in is final dimensions, including cpu cooler and gpu clearance.
  7. Is there any new info on the Masterbox Q300 series that was showcased at Computex 2017? The Q300L looks like my next case, but I would like to know the actual dimensions and cpu cooler height restrictions first.