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  1. Hi folks, I'm a happy (ok, not that much now) owner of the Masterkeys Pro M Keyboard (cherry brown switches, white led). I've been using it for about three months, and im losing my mind. Some of the keys suddenly stopped working. (non green highlighted ones): It happened many times, and I dont know how to troubleshoot. Tried to reset the keyboard with FN+R, FN+E. FN+RightALT unplugged then plugged while holding the keys. Even tried to remove the keycaps. BTW led still work. The keys just start to work on sometimes, out of the blue. This issue is really bugging me. Hope i can get any help from you guys. Another thing is that when i try to use the FN key to turn on the leds or change its brightness or change the led cycle (mode) its not like when out of the box. There's a little delay between the action.