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  1. Hello everyone. So i have Quickfire Xti keyboard which i hit on one ocasion after getting uber angry in a video game. After i hit it "v" key stoped working completely. Now i know what u will say, thats its my fault for damaging it and ur completely right. What can i say i lost my nerve...After the event i tried blowing at the switch while pressing it, hoping it is some dirt problem or something but it didnt help obviously. Also tried deep cleaning in water after puting it apart but it also didnt help even tho every other key works fine. Now i need an advice on how to get around this problem. My idea was to macro some other key so i can use it instead of "v" but i cant do that since in order to macro it i need to actualy press that button so other key can remmember the macro. Tried to use "On screen keyboard" but it doesnt work that way as well. Is there any way i can macro the "v" key to some other by noth using keyboard button itself (with some driver or something). A much better help would be if you have some idea how to fix it physicaly so it can start working again. It doesnt look damaged (nothing is broken) so i gather it is something with connection betwen the switch and the PCB. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks in advance.