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  1. So I acquired my case recently however I hit a snag. The current connectors on the controlled are a 2 pin connector and all the new light bars are a sata 12 pin; is this simply an outdated format that is no longer used or is this a coolermaster only connection type and if so why am I not seeing any new lighting options with this connector. I want to light the case further with a few other colors and items but without the connection type the led controller is useless. Anyone got any help with this topic to drop on me
  2. To everyone here I just recently received this case and here's a little help for those still confused. The controller is wired from the start and as long as all the plugs connected are plugged in you're good there. The other thing needed is a 12 pin sata connector on the lefthand side of the controller for power. What is a 12 pin sata? The power cable for your hard drive is the same format required for this controller, if you have that plugged in as well as all the other plugs from the case connected you will be fine and power on. I did the same thing you all did so don't panic it's just a simple mistake you can miss easily