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  1. [Official] MasterBox 5 Owners Club

    You can find Spare Parts for the Case @ CMStore! I don't know if the Tempered Glass side panel of the Masterbox Lite 5 or the Masterbox Pro 5 fits! The Masterbox 5 has definitly no drilling holes for the Tempered Glass Sidepanel screws!
  2. [Official] MasterBox 5 Owners Club

    Thank you for the answer! Yeah, i know there are 2 Tempered Glass Side Panels in the shop! One for the COOLER MASTER MASTERCASE 3 and the other for the COOLER MASTER MASTERCASE 5 & 6! Is it possible that someone knows, that one of this Tempered Glass Side Panels fits on the Masterbox 5? I will check that via the shop Email, thanks! Sorry for my bad school and google translator english! With friendly regards Thomas Edit! Answers from the Shop Chat! "This part (Tempered Glass Side Panel for Masterbox 5) is not available as spare part yet" "Yes it will become available as spare part" "It will unfortunately still take a while, at least 10 weeks" "The Tempered Glass Side Panel for Mastercase 3, 5 & 6 doesn't fit"
  3. [Official] MasterBox 5 Owners Club

    Is there a Chance of a Tempered Glass Sidepanel for the Masterbox 5? My new RyZen PC!