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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the info Yes I've been binge watching those guys for a while now, haha. Very helpful. Much appreciated
  2. Hello, I've been doing some research and very excited to dive in and customize my own pc as soon as I feel comfortable. I came into this looking to upgrade from a laptop, and I'm completely amazed how many people are building beautiful setups! I haven't done very much PC gaming EVER (I think the last actual PC game I've installed was Plants vs Zombies, lol). mostly hardcore PS3, and game apps. I was close to getting a PS4, then figured I could just get a good PC and use it to multitask. I use the computer to mix music, internet, office programs, excel, video editing, youtube/Netflix, etc. Now that I've upgraded my interface, the mix playback of the DAW music studio software I use can't handle the amount of plug-ins and tracks going at once. CPU load was maxed, sound cuts out, and it takes forever to export WAV files. Budget is $650-ish -priorities are speed, semi-low noise without sacrificing cooling, connect multiple monitors if not my LED tv. This is what I've found so far, and PLEASE correct me if I'm choosing strange components, overestimating wattage, or missing anything! Thanks RYZEN 5 1600x COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 (EVO seemed to get the best reviews praise, or more expensive Noctua NH, or BeQuiet?) ASRock AB350M Pro 4 Micro USB 3.0 COOLER MASTER V650 Semi-Modular (650w) *GPU at reasonable price that will leave PSU headroom, (GeForce GTX 2gb too much, or dated? I'm not sure on this...) Case - Torn between DIYPC Silence-bk-window, BitFenix Neos, NZXT S340, and Fractal. (A case with sufficient airflow, cable grommets is a plus) 2x8GB DDR4 - Gskillz seem reasonable price-wise, unless I should look elsewhere 1 SSD & 1 HHD Wifi Card Thanks for reading!! Any help is greatly appreciated