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  1. Yeah, I was awaiting their response to my ticket, filed. I contacted online chat, again, however and they said that since it is out of warranty, there is nothing I can do… it's a paperweight now. If I stick with liquid cooling, I may get a Corsair since it has a 5-year warranty.
  2. I filed a ticket. I have not received a response yet. I was able to get someone on their online chat... the bad news is that he said there was nothing I could do except get an RMA. But it appears that I am 6 months past my warranty period. It looks like I'm out of luck, unless the person who tends to my open ticket is able to help me get an RMA anyway.
  3. Thank you for that detail. You'd given me hope that the connection was the problem. I moved the pump connector from the CPU OPT fan to the System Fan 1 connector. The BIOS says 0 RPM for that fan and CPU temp is 90º. After the CPU cools down, I'll try a different fan connector to see whether there is any difference. It looks like the next step is #3: file a ticket. Is there likely to be any permanent damage to the CPU? It'd taken some time to realize what was going wrong, so the CPU had been running at 90º+ for an hour or two.
  4. I've vacuumed the radiator. But the BIOS says that the OPT-fan is at 0 RPM and there is nothing surrounding the module that is mounted on the CPU to vacuum.
  5. The cooler has been working fine for almost three years. It stopped working briefly, once, a long time ago—I tapped on it the pump and it seemed to be back to normal—until last night. The pump seems to have stopped working, permanently. The blue LED is still lit, but the BIOS reports 0 RPM on my Gigabyte motherboard, the radiator fan is on, high ( > 2300RPM), and my CPU temp quickly runs past 91º+. It is only a matter of minutes before Windows shuts down with a critical error. I'm running an i7-4770K (not currently accelerated). What could have triggered this? Is there anything I can do to fix it?