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    So about a week ago, my Seidon 120V gets this extremely high buzzing sound after 2 years of use so issue an RMA request telling me to wait 1-2 business days. Nothing happens for three days, so I stay online throughout a local business day and lord behold, at 3:00 AM I finally get to be able to talk to a guy via live chat, only to get a reply that he couldn't help me because he was in the UK services. Okay, 2 days later I finally get into contact with one over the telephone service, via the sales department and he helps me issue an advanced RMA with a new liquid cooler, tells me to call back today to check to see if they have a tracking number on it. So I do this, and all I get is a "kevin" over the phone followed by a beep redirecting me to a voice mailbox, I try all the other extensions and I get "customer service is not currently available please leave a message" or something similar. I have already tried contacting CM via their online customer support service, I have tried the live chat, I have tried the phone lines, even to the point where I try getting a specific directory, and I don't want to send my Seidon to them if they don't give me a tracking number, so effectively, I am at a loss. I know this isn't a product suggestion but just to be fair it would be nice to remove the live chat option if you're not even going to use it, and for people to be ready answer a probably 5 minute phone call. And I do understand the issues currently going on with RMAs being backed up, but would it kill you to just answer the phone to give a guy a tracking number?