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  1. Yes there was no noise before doing maintenance but after it was making the noise i did not try to re-install the rad i just simply put the block back on. Since i have uploaded this post though the noise has stopped as far as i could tell i was only hearing the noise when the side panel was off but since i have put the side panel back on i haven't heard it so i think it may have been a bubble or something that got out or for some reason the pump was getting filled back up with water.
  2. Hi, so i have a master liquid 240 (not the lite version it wouldn't let me use the Mater Liquid forum) and i just put my PC back together after having to do some motherboard maintenance i put my cooler back on and when i first turned on my PC i heard this trickling noise coming from the block/pump area and it hasn't gone away its really concerning too. So what should i do? Should i just RMA it?