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  1. Bladerunner 2049

    Leak test and system check before last details and some dye to the loop. Still quite a bit of rusting effects to add to the raining "too new" looking sections.
  2. Bladerunner 2049

    Hi Cooler dudes !This is the second mod my son and I are working on together, the first mod we did together was a Camaro themed build and was 100% my sons concepts. This time its my turn to choose the theme so what better than my favourite film Bladerunner. I have been watching all the news and hype surrounding the sequel to the film and am now very excited to see how the plot possibilities pan out. I have been in and out of hospital receiving treatment for the last months which has rekindled my love for modding as less mobile. While in the hospital for a week bored out of my mind I taught myself how to make the origami unicorn from Bladerunner. That was when I started thinking about a concept for a build. Normally you might think a Bladerunner theme would be jet black with red accents with perhaps a grungy dark distopion feel to match the atmosphere of the first film. I suppose I just liked the metallics of the unicorn and decided to go with a more cleaner metallic feel more inline with the new film and with the origami. There are no sponsors for the build sadly (not had time to ask any) so have managed to scrounge about for parts in the garage and buy in what I could to get the ingrediants for mix. Using a Thermaltake Core V21 as the case and I think nearly all the main manufactures of watercooling parts for the cooling a real colab affair! I really do love the Thermaltake Core v21 as it is such a dynamic case with its swap-able modular sides and front leaving lots of variation options for the enthusiast and designed for a matx system. The other driver for this build is showing your respect to your elders, my son took a lot of inspiration from Jp Modifieds work on his design, so we talked about who did I look up to in the modding world? I still think today my favourite casemod is still Orac 3. Its the case that got me into modding and blew my mind as to what was possible. Back then it was all flashing fans (back in fashion) and what you could do with a beige case.So the goal Bladerunner with hints of Orac as a bit of a love letter to Gnome
  3. Bladerunner 2049

    Armour added still a lot more rusting and degrading to do but heading there at last, son is free tomorrow for the afternoon after football so hoping to get the soft tubes added and a test fill.
  4. Bladerunner 2049

    Had some time between pumpkins and kids football this weekend to get some modding done. I set off doing the last of the cables 24 pin.. saving the most tedious for last! Dylan got to work rusting up the case, he did two shades of rusting to give it a weathered look. Now its dry I think it perhaps needs some chipping and some more shadow with some washed out black. He loved the rusting up watching him I think you could spend literally hours lost doing that.
  5. Bladerunner 2049

    A test fit of the PCIE cable just to check lengths, finishing the motherboard armour today and we are nearly ready to add water.
  6. Bladerunner 2049

    Case and parts are nearing completion now just need to add in the tubing. We have decided to drop the hard tube and go back retro with soft tube. It is more in keeping with the "less than perfect future in which the bladerunner world is set and also matches the curves of the wiring.
  7. Bladerunner 2049

    Friday night mod for the boy after his first week back at school. Did the LCD backplate for the GPU on the current mod, should look quite slick when running. Did a chrome finish on the existing Saphire Backplate then set in the LCD its a 800x480 so displays a nice image for its small 5" size. This should display the "in film adverts in Blade Runner well for the mod, as well as CAM etc when the pc is actually in use.
  8. Bladerunner 2049

    Well been a week or so since we posted any updates, things have been changing behind the scenes with two offers of sponsorship for the build so the hope of finishing this with the boy in the holiday is on hold while we wait for some new parts to come. The motherboard armour is something that wont change however so we have set to work planning and crafting. The cables will all screw into the housings after they are drilled into the acrylic plate. on the under side of the armour i'm using a rubber sealant just to make sure non of the fittings can come into contact with the board.
  9. Bladerunner 2049

    After a LOT of trials getting the chrome look as close as possible I think we are getting there. Really hard work getting chrome to look okay out of a can, a warning to anyone trying it do not use a clear coat on top or it will dull the finish badly.
  10. Bladerunner 2049

    Important lessons learned today (always a school day modding) Dont use clear coat on top of a chrome effect. As you can see the rad does not have a clear coat sprayed on and looks much more chrome the fans on the other hand had 3 coats of primer two of chrome. We then added one clear coat on top and as you can see it has dulled it to a flat silver at best. The clear coat does create a nice gloss but not the desired effect for this mod. Back to sanding and starting again..
  11. Bladerunner 2049

    Dylan stripped down the Corsair AF120's and prepped them for painting. I made him watch Bill Owens tutorial vid on the 120's on youtube first, what a great vid simple and accurate so good a 10 year old could do it Dylan then gave the fans 3 coats of primer. Time for a bit of streetfighter 2 while we wait for the primer to harden before two coats of chrome and 2 coats of clear coat.
  12. Bladerunner 2049

    My son came back yesterday from his trip away so we got 3 coats of primer on the rad. Today the new trailer for the film came out so got excited again and did two coats of chrome, fans to strip down next and chrome up!
  13. Bladerunner 2049

    Was tempted to make a start on the case today but my son and I do the modding together and it would not be fair while hes away so minor task instead. Took apart the ram sticks and gave the heatspreaders a good scuff and tack to give the primer coat some grip. Two coats of primer then a wait for 6 hours and two coats of Chrome.
  14. Bladerunner 2049

    Did the cable sleeving today, short vlog update pics to follow!
  15. The Camaro build

    My 10 Year old son Dylan had been getting hooked on the show West Coast customs and was enjoying drawing car designs on his sketchpad. He was very interested in trying his hand at some modding. Now I dont know much about cars but computers well! Its been around 12 years since I last modded a pc, life and kids and other sports had got in the way, time to dust off the garage and get out the tools. So we began to put some ideas together on a project to Pimp up his pc West Coast Customs Style. Dylan had begun researching on Youtube and came across JP Modified and became a huge fan watching all the vids..(on repeat).. So we used a few of JP's ideas for shrouding etc and set to work on the case. The case we used was a Corsair Spec Alpha which fit out existing idea for a design like a glove. With Out of the box colour scheme matched in with Dylans Desire to do a Red and White Camaro. The case comes with some nice fans and manual and for the price tag is a great all rounder. Dylan stripped down the case and prepped it up for spraying, he wanted as much white as possible with a small amount of black and red. Dylan had also watched Declassified systems build on YouTube and really liked Mark's Project Evolve build which had a painted motherboard. Spraying was a learning curve for Dylan with quite a bit of coaching and re sanding and doing again as inevitably he would not release the push on end strokes or just hold the can too close etc. But a lot of guys I know think they can spray and get it wrong so for a young lad he learned pretty quickly. Rad was sprayed and the ram heat spreaders taken off and sprayed too, then the one that gets the internet drama going, the motherboard. This was taped up and all the slots where padded out to not fill the connectors with paint. We then used plastikote and painted the board. I don't recommend you run out and buy a brand new motherboard for your system and spray it, Dylan's whole system was built out of old parts and stuff I had spare so if the board did blow it was no major setback. Dylan then made the GPU plate and PSU shroud, again he was not much of a fan of the hotgun and was scarred he would get burned (sensible) but got the hanfg of it after a few goes and confidence grew. The GPU was an old 750ti which has some nasty protruding copper pipes. We decided to try and make a car bonnet type effect to roll the GPU plate down over the pipes to hide them. PETG tubing!! What can I say again it didn't take him too long perhaps its just the confident gentle touch but he had it sorted after wrecking just 4m lengths. I was expecting this to be more expensive but he got there in the end which some complex bends to boot. Once the water cooling loop was in we took a step back and checked out the work. The existing Acrylic window masked out a large amount of the work and effort we put in so we decided to cut out some sections of the case and add some runners. We then cut some Tempered glass and installed our own window which opended up the viewing area substantially. We then replaced the existing tempered with a clear version as the tint again did not work on a pure white build. Dylan worked very patiently on the cable management and learned a few tricks sleaving his own cables and put in a good few hours getting it right. Hes very proud of his build and im incredibly happy to of shred this creative time with him. His zest for learning made all the more usual tedious tasks of modding a joy as his enthusiasm shone through. I learned a lot from the build too, not new skills but to open up my eyes a little to fun ideas as Dylan again had that no holds barred "lets just make it" approach. Hope you enjoy our first build together and we are already working on our next project. Link to YouTube build log.
  16. The Camaro build

    Be rude not to add a monitor to his rig:)