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  1. Hello, instead of posting the full worklog which you could find on Overclock.net Let me just put here the end results of the CoolerMaster Storm Stryker Case. We are a group of three people called Xmodz, located in Israel. Most of the chassis was cut and replaced with custom cut and painted aluminum plates. The build took us about 2-3 months to complete, i hope you enjoy the photos Lets begin with a Before picture:
  2. Okay thanks for trying to help !
  3. Hey thanks for your reply! I actually own a stryker case: Would love to switch those bottom oem feet, to the Cosmos handles style feet. Also i thought about this mod since i'm about to upgrade my loop to something extreme: But that i realy don't know if possible to make such a support, the rest is quiet easy, buy second top cover, and drill a hole for the reservoir. Just that support leg.
  4. Will Cosmos feet fit the stryker's bottom feet holes?
  5. You have to buy a custom bracket for example EKwb sells some brackets, there sure are more brands for those.