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  1. I've got the replacement and it's working well so far, so this thread can be closed/deleted. Thanks!
  2. I've bought a replacement cooler (a very cheap model of Cooler Master) and I haven't got the issue for the entire week, so it's surely pump's fault. I've sent it out today, it costed me almost half of the product's price... I hope at least it will get to you without issues and it could be repaired or replaced with a new one... Should I send you the tracking number? In the RMA note it says that it will be expired in 30 days from the day I've issued the RMA, but the delivery from here could take around a month, so I would like to make sure it won't get lost/rejected or something.
  3. You are correct, but I either sold or gave away my stock cooler, unfortunately (this stock cooler is particularly bad, so I didn't think I'd ever need it...). I'm going to try to contact the service center for my motherboard, so they'd check if if something's wrong with it. If the motherboard isn't malfunctioning I'll issue an RMA here. Thanks!
  4. Hey, Mohd! Thank you for a fast reply! The pump itself is not vibrating, but the pipes do (one noticeably stronger than another though). Last time I checked when the overheating was happening, there was almost no vibration, definitely not as it is right now. I've been monitoring it for 3 or 4 days and it's been like that all the time, I rarely can boot without overheating from start, but it starts working eventually after multiple (sometimes many) reboots. I'll try to find a replacement cooler before issuing an RMA request in any case, because I need this PC for work.
  5. Hi, I've bought my Seidon 120v ver. 2 almost a year and a half ago and it's been working fine until recently. A few days ago I've started getting extreme performance issues (almost freezing even in idle), so later it turned out my CPU was overheating (90 degres Celsius and above). The weird thing is that it seems random with every PC boot. The fan is working fine, but the pump seem to not work every time, even though the blue light is on. The pump is getting really hot when the overheating takes place, the radiator is always cool. I've checked the BIOS and there it turned out that the pump doesn't seem to work (CPU fan's rpm is 0 when it happens, while normally it's 2000-2500rpm). I've tried multiple solutions, but none of them worked, it just seems to work/fail randomly after a reboot. When I get it to work it seems to be stable for hours, until the next day, when I have to shut down/reboot. Also happens with Sleep mode. I wish I could get it fixed, because I was happy with the cooler, when it was stable. But the warranty at the local shop lasts only 6 months, so it's over (bought it in January 2016). If I can't get it fixed or replaced by the manufacturer, I would like to at least get some tips what I could try... So far I've tried: - Reseating the pump, cleaning it from the old thermal paste and applying new one (a rice grain in the middle, just like I always do); - Switching cables of both fan and the pump to other sockets; - Setting fan speed to max in BIOS; - Switching back to BIOS default settings; None of this has helped, the temperature is around 80 degrees right at the starts and quickly goes up to 90-91 (I don't keep it running much longer after seeing that). Now, after series of reboots I'm back at around 35 degrees in idle and it's stable. My specs: Moetherboard: Gygabite GA-Z97P-D3 CPU: Intel i7-4790k OS: Windows 10