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  1. Liquid Nepon

    Hello! I have the Nepton 280L cooler for 2 years already! Should the liquid be changed from him?
  2. Liquid Nepon

    I solved. I put the fans on the fan and eight and pump it to the pump and it goes Asus has a very low setting on the fans, somewhere at 300 rpm It's fine now, like cooling. Thanks for the answer
  3. Liquid Nepon

    i tried to do asrock motherboard I put the two fans on a single fan cpu I gave optimizations in bios and always give me the message at bios start, speed to low etc, cpu fan error. is there any error from bios? Because I put and separate, normally, one vent to the fan cpu and the other to the fan eight fan and the same
  4. Liquid Nepon

    Dear friend , i comeback for another reason. I changed my board, to asus x99 deluxe 2 from asrock x99oc formula There you told me what to do, at Asrock x99 OC formula, to put the pump on a chassis fan and the fans at the fan cpu. At asus x99 deluxe 2 what can I do to stop taking control Nepton 280L? There are times when fans do not turn around I'm waiting for a reply from you
  5. Liquid Nepon

    Plus answer to this
  6. Liquid Nepon

    Dear friend, this is last question. You think that COOLER MASTER MASTERLIQUID PRO 280 its much better, or equal then Nepton 280?
  7. Liquid Nepon

    I got in touch, but it was still too early for the European team I will try again ok, thanks for all your answers
  8. Liquid Nepon

    I was expecting an answer from you. What do you think of the two coolers, which is better?
  9. The pump must be conected to chassis fan 1 or if you have asrock board, to super speed fan. then work. the 2 fans of liquid cooler, to cpu fan 1 & 2
  10. Liquid Nepon

    i have an comparation, where Nepton Is much better at all chapters Look here,1451250 the CFM is per fan or both at master liquid pro?
  11. Liquid Nepon

    what differences it is between nepton 280l ANd master liquid pro? After i see CFM, i see Nepton is much better and most powerfull, Wright?
  12. Liquid Nepon

    Can I help take a new one or change that I have it? because I did not understand
  13. Liquid Nepon

    i told you, i wanna buy Nepton for a very long time Is not found in Romania To try the Amazon, there it would be
  14. Liquid Nepon

    From Romania! On your link, There is no buy now button Where can I buy a new Nepton 280l? Here is no longer imported nepton 280 and I do not know why! I do not buy new but second hand, it is not found for some good years!
  15. Liquid Nepon

    Connect the pump and it works, I set in the topic you showed me somewhere above, once The pump works, connected to sys fan speed, has about 6783-6818 rpm The problem is that it does not go below 42 degrees It is true that I use v3.efi, a modified bios a bit, to climb the processor to full turbo, as described by anandtech. But that's not the boy, though It's a super cooler, I think the best market to cure the beasts of i7 or xeon processors I will see clearly after washing the radiator By the way, is Nepton still made?
  16. Liquid Nepon

    thank you very much, this is the solution. That's what I was talking about
  17. Liquid Nepon

    Can they suggest me how to clean the radiator?
  18. Liquid Nepon

    ok, i try to blow and if are still problems, i come back with other question I hope to to resolve like this
  19. Liquid Nepon

    I'm trying to reinstall, but I will The pump connects it to the fan speed, and the others like it I'm thinking of another thing I could do to wash the radiator! Under a lighter jet of water, is it enough? Perhaps the fans have also pulled dust between the radiator grooves So I can not see, what I can with a brush, cleaner once every 45 days!
  20. Liquid Nepon

    this time is configured like in the link any sugestions?
  21. Liquid Nepon

    I have Xeon E5 2696 v3, asrock x99 oc formula, asus oc gtx 1080ti, memory ram server 2400 ecc, power surse Silent Pro Gold 1000W, ssd , hdd
  22. Liquid Nepon

    I changed the processor, I have a xeon 2696 v3 and like the old processor, it does not cool properly. In idle stand at 46 degrees. Is not that much?