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  1. So, this week was Computex 2018, demonstrating the C700M or "Maker Edition". Whilst I'm still disappointed by no front panel you can see through, I prefer the new, darker aesthetic and like that RGBs are now addressable.
  2. I noticed the H500M now available contains two 200mm ARGB fans... Though I realise you have only recently launched 200mm RGB fans as well, I would be interested in their ARGB-equivalent, for individual purchase.
  3. I admire white or silver in a case as much as the next person, but preferably when the whole outer chassis is that way, as with the COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition. For the COSMOS C700P, therefore, I would like two modding components in particular to be made available: 1) Feet/carry handles in brushed black aluminium, and; 2) A "DarkMirror" front panel, with frosting at its sides and in the logo, to allow enthusiasts to show off any RGB fans. It would also be helpful for there to a rear panel for Chimney layouts with an integrated dust filter.
  4. With the first post out of the way for everybody, I'll start... At the show, you demonstrated the H500M case, due later this year. But for people who may already own the H500P, will an upgrade kit be made available, or will they have to replace the whole chassis?
  5. ============================================================================== This thread is intended to help post questions to Cooler Master about their showcase at CES 2018. ==============================================================================
  6. Even though the HAF H500P isn't expected until November, the build demonstrated at Computex included 200mm RGB fans that seemed ready for purchase. With the Cosmos C700P due to release 28th September, will the H500P's fans be made available at the same time?
  7. So, took some digging but read that the C700P will launch 28th September in the UK. As for the HAF H500P, that is now delayed for component retailers until end of November.
  8. Both the H500P and C700P now seem to be available at CyberPower UK, but exclusively on the "Chrome Series Cosmos" (Intel), "RGB Infinity Pro" (Intel) and "RGB Ultra Elite" (Ryzen 5/7) systems... not long before we should be able to get them elsewhere.
  9. I realise the company is focused on the H500P, C700P and the Q Series shown at Computex 2017, and that's fine. However, since the full-tower MasterCase 7 has been teased about for over a year, I see no reason why there shouldn’t be an ideas discussion: DarkMirror – though designed solely for the MasterBox Lite cases thus far, it’s cool that any LED fans become visible only when they’re active, so there could be a DarkMirror top panel and front panel offered as optional upgrades. No Reflective Handrails – handrails being brushed aluminium or a matte colour is one thing, but I don’t think they should be shiny given how easy it is to leave behind smudges. MasterTrim – since Cooler Master released *.STL files for users to 3D print their own trims, the MasterCase 7 could do the same, coming with white/blue/red/black trims in the box. They could potentially sell a “MasterTrim RGB” pack as well, offering a discreet lighting kit and an extra fan controller with two sets of diffused, clear trims. MasterFan Pro RGB Fans – I know… I’m a sucker for RGB, but it is entirely up to users how they choose to light the case fans(!) If MasterCase 7 were to use only MasterFan Pro RGB variants, the company could sell it in three tiers; based on quiet operation for business (Flow), a balanced cooling profile for all-purpose (Balance), or high performance for gaming and computer rendering (Pressure). LCD Fan Controller Optional – I’m all for this when you use lots of fans, but this hands-on approach other times can also make a case expensive. Therefore, I propose the LCD Fan Controller is an optional upgrade, so the I/O panel could have white LEDs, mini-dials and bar indicators to set fan speeds, and an RGB wheel to control fan aesthetics. Users could then handle more advanced fan profiles through software. Two PSU Shrouds – assuming the case supports Mini-ITX to E-ATX for motherboards, there might be just enough space for two systems to run. In turn, two PSU Shrouds (one compact, one full-form) could be provided for each size of power supply. I also think the company could provide the *.STL files for these parts; allowing people with a Glowforge or a CNC Mill the ability to produce their own. Finally, it has bothered me Cooler Master intended there to be a place for 3rd-party accessories to customise cases, yet has made it virtually impossible for anyone to do so. Aside from a few parts by PrimoChill and a couple of “professional” case builders, there is NO support for people to make and sell case parts through the website… Now I don’t know what the company’s commission fee is, but if they provided infrastructure for artists to set up their own ranges through the Store, and were willing to discuss them as they do full case mods, I think a lot of people might be interested in making parts for their products.
  10. I know, according to CM's news, the C700P is only a month away, though I had a few thoughts from watching videos from guys like Bitwit and JayzTwoCents. Firstly, if there are going to be RGB fans in the front, it seems odd there isn't a way to see them because of that solid panel, so I think it would be good to make a "DarkMirror" offering for the case. Another concern I had was the shroud didn't really look very interesting and, in its current form, I'm not sure I want it at all - maybe CM could offer a way for people to 3d print their own case shrouds? Finally, I understand that silver is the colour for a 25th Anniversary, though I would like to see an all-black variant, which would make the lighting in the carry handles and feet stand out more when they're active.
  11. I spoke to a representative not too long ago about this, as well as an "RGB" Maker version... They said an announcement for the Maker 7 will be made sometime mid/late-June, after Computex.