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  1. oh yes when you remove 2 of the metal bars the vga card slides its own metal end shaping 2 of those squares and the screws just dont fit in them at least at my beginner lvl but the pc shop guy had fit the 780 gtx on them in 2014 and i removed them my self but i even tested to return the 780 gtx on its old place as it was and i couldnt i had a gigabyte case before and i replaced my gpu and removed it many times and its not a big issue to me but still i am not handy .. and no skill at all i know anyone with basic skill can do it but still it should be a plug and play for the standard user i love this case and i was sad it has space fans leds and the handle and it looks super ... but still id want to put my vid card where it belongs without modding stuff ... this answer your question those 2 metal ends shapes a square with the case own metal end maybe it can be in other way and u can test a vid card on any storm case u have with any vga card
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  4. thanks for reply believe i only reporting this so you can test it on your own gears i used same screws that was on the case vga slot and was installed before on the older 780 gtx card by the computer shop who diidnt seem to find troubles putting them and i even removed them my self but can not put them back i called the electricity guy but he was busy ... so i opened the case black box and i took the golden studs with the smaller silver screws that have a small meal circles around it macgyver style am not sad now its ok but id like u to tune that case because its good case and one should just be able to slide that vga in a screenshot of the screws i used at first is included the thumbscrews that didnt fit and no need to screenshot the operation just a 1080 evga ftw setup on a asus hero 6 mb pci red mid slot the screw refused to enter the square hole with a weak push its top entered in but refused to continue and started turning void .. more pushing didnt help and had to force it out then i used the studs it grips it well
  5. again and go test this and i pin point you to the error you see the screws places are square not rounded and the rounded screw will not fit or enter in that hole . test it and see this might be the rounded shape you need
  6. hello i want cooler master to consider this as feed back to them just to advance in their products engineering even that the issue i had will make me decide never to purchase a cooler master product again ever the story : i was so happy to buy my new 1080 evga ftw and was having a party night by unboxing installing ... but at this point cooler master engineering team, decided to fail in a very simple task .. all i wanted is to put the screws in the case to attach the vga but i failed .. after 4 hours of trying and putting my fingers to severe pain and pc into risk of damage i have to insure you that your team has not tested or tried to install a vga card not even once on that case .. i have gave up on trying and my life is ruined .... but one last stand here .. fair well cooler master i will never return its a good case but the vga slots are in shape of squares and rounded screws dont fit in them