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  1. "Recommended PSU Wattage" is simply your "Load Wattage" + 50 W to account for any power draw spikes that might happen in your system depending on your peripherals. "Load Wattage" is the power comsumption of your system when CPU and GPU and RAM are running under maximum load. Depending on the PSU you are getting you need to account for capacitor aging and heat loss for yourself. The safest way to do this is to set your Load Wattage as 60-75% of your PSU wattage. A quick example for this my System with a CPU, GPU, 2 Sticks of RAM, HDD, SDD, BLURAY drive, 4 fans draws 338 W load wattage. I set those 338 W load wattage as 75% of my PSU wattage, so i just need to divide it by 0.75 to get my desired PSU wattage. 338 W / 0.75 = 450,6 W A 450W PSU will do fine. There is the "Computer Utilization" tab which would be the function you are looking for but it does not seem to be functional.
  2. Kaleopan

    PWM fans worth it?

    I would strongly advise you to not use PWM fans as case fans in a HAF 912 unless they are set to the lowers RPM possible all the time, which defeats the purpose of having PWM fans in the first place. Especially in the front. The reason for this is that the HDD cage in a HAF 912 is orthogonal to the air entry of the front fans which will lead to an unparallel amount of noise and significally weaken the airflow anyway. You can make it better by removing the removable 3.5" HDD cage but the bottom fan will always blow directly against the metal. For case cooling, more fans are always preferable to stronger fans as it will result in more airflow without additional noise. Also 2x 120mm fans in the front provide a better airflow than 1x 200mm fan. So for a maxed out airflow you'd have: Front: 2x120mm (intake) Top: 2x120mm (exhaust) Side: 1x140mm (intake or exhaust, depending on if you want positive or negative pressure in your case. i'd go for exhaust) Rear: 1x120mm (exhaust) With 6 fans installed you can run very quiet fans at low speeds and still have sufficient airflow in your case. If noise is not an issue for you, just go for the strongest turbines you can find and put them in. Another reason for it is that PWM fans are controlled by temperature, so which temperature sensor are you using? If you go for the CPU sensor, the PWM controlled case fans will have very little impact on the CPU temperature. The only sensor i can think of that would benefit from PWM fans are the HDD temp. sensors. However if you have a HDD that runs so hot that it triggers PWM fans to speed up, there is most likely a mechanical failure inside your HDD. So unless you are running an additional dedicated temperature sensor that measures the air temperature in your case, PWM fans for a case are a waste of money and time to configure.
  3. Kaleopan

    N300 front panel on a Force 500

    Hello, Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know the small pins on the backside of the panel that go inside the holes of the metal frame so the front panel holds onto the body? All 3 of those broke on one side of my front panel so it cannot attach to the metal frame anymore. I'd gladly appreciate the last of the Force 500 front panels. Can you please pm me or can i pm you to sort out the details on what i need to do for that?
  4. Kaleopan

    N300 front panel on a Force 500

    Greeting, Okay, here's a bit of a tricky question. I broke my Force 500 front panel and new ones in the CM store are out of stock for several months now. I doubt they will get restocked and i don't want to wait longer before replacing it since there is a lot of dust collecting in my chassis now. So what i found so far is that the Force 500 and the N300 might share the same exact metal frame and a N300 panel could fit on a Force 500 frame if i exchange the USB and I/O module to the N300 versions along with it. I don't have both cases so i cannot verify it right now. Has anybody tried fitting a N300 front panel on a Force 500 case so far? There are currently 3 options for this: 1. Ordering a N300 front panel, N300 USB module, N300 I/O module and replacing it with the ones on my Force 500. Cost: 39€ Problem: The total cost of the items would be around 39€ including the shipping whereas buying a new Force 500 case locally would cost less than that. A new N300 case would cost me 42€. No guarantee it will even work. The N300 USB module is out of stock too, might never restock. 2. Ordering an whole new N300 case, extracting front panel, USB and I/O modules manually from that case and fitting it on my Force 500 case. Cost: 42€ Problem: No guarantee it will work, at least i have a whole N300 to fall back to, if it doesn't. The reason i don't just keep the N300 as it is is because of it's design flaw with the opened top panel. The Force 500 top panel is preferable to this. 3. Waiting for the store to restock on Force 500 panels which are far inferior to the N300 panels in my setup. Cost: 27€ Problem: Might never happen. Dust keeps collecting in my case until then. The N300 front panels are superior. So in my ideal setup i'd have the Force 500 frame, side panels, top panel and the N300 front panel. What would you suggest? Any other options you can think of? I also opened a support ticket so maybe the CM support can clarify the compatibility of the front panels. Have a good day.