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  1. Yup, 3x intakes in the front. I have the combs that came with the CableMod cables, but they still looked..... unstraight/ugly? Not to mention they kept fraying the cables so I just didn't use them. I originally wanted to paint the combs either white or black. I'll check them out!
  2. So I recently did a full custom hardline loop, and I was trying to find out if a 360 radiator would fit in the front of the Mastercase Pro 5, but couldn't come across any sort of thread or answers... The only pictures I found were of that one guy that did the 24hr Le' Mans race car theme build. Although a REALLY dope build, I noticed he did some modifications to the case. So I just bit the bullet and ordered a EKWB Slim 360 radiator. It honestly fits PERFECTLY, and with plenty of room for fans as well. AND you can still use the hard drive cage in the power supply basement! However, y ou wont be able to use the top two screws to mount the radiator, but that's honestly no biggie. EKWB GPU/CPU Waterblocks EKWB 140 Pump/Res combo 1x EKWB 240 slim radiator (top) 1x EKWB 360 slim radiator (front) Corsair SP120 PWM Fans Bitspower fittings Bitspower 10mm ID/12mm OD Clear PETG Tubing XSPC ECX Ultra Concentrate (white)
  3. Here's my build. EKWB CPU/GPU Block 1x EKWB 240 slim radiator (top) 1x EKWB 360 slim radiator (front) EKWB Res/Pump combo Bitspower fittings/PETG Tubing
  4. I've always loved the design philosophy of the Mastercase Pro 5. So when I was building my new system I made sure that I was going to get the Mastercase Pro 5 as my case... So recently I kind of haven't been really having fun playing h1z1 so I decided to sell ALL my expensive skins. How expensive were they you ask? Well, my bandana (yes, a bandana) sold for $800, AR15 skin sold for $520, and so on. In the end I ended up with about $2,000. So I decided to upgrade my GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid to a 1080ti. Initially I was looking for the EVGA 1080ti Hybrid, but at the time they were out of stock... So what does an impatient man with $2,000 in spare change do? Of course buy a 1080ti FE and get a full hardline watercooling loop! I've always wanted to do a full hardline loop, and this IS my first ever custom loop. I understood that soft tubing is A LOT easier for beginners, but what's the point? If you want to go hardline you eventually HAVE to learn how to do hardline tubing anyways, and honestly I don't think doing a soft tubing loop would've helped me or made doing this hardline loop any easier. Also I was trying to find a thread or some answers online to see if a 360 radiator would fit in the front of a Mastercase Pro 5. The only Mastercase Pro 5 that had a 360 radiator up front was that one guy that did that blue/orange 24hr Le' Mans themed build. However he did some modifications to the case, and that didn't give me a solid answer if I could fit a slim 360 radiator up front. So I bit the bullet, and just decided to try to see if it would work. Spoiler alert: A SLIM 360 Radiator WILL fit in the front, and you DO NOT have to remove the hard drive cage in the basement (unless you want to have your inlet/outlet in the bottom). Anyways enough talking~ On to business: Corsair SP120 PWM Fans CPU/GPU Waterblocks are from EKWB EKWB 140 Res/Pump combo 1x EKWB 240 slim radiator 1x EKWB 360 slim radiator and a bunch of Bitspower fittings/Bitspower PETG tubing. P.S. Pictures were taken from my phone~ Sorry if they're not the best quality!