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  1. no usb cable or keycap remover in the box

    Received my cable and keycap remover today! Thank you (and CM customer services).
  2. no usb cable or keycap remover in the box

    Yes, I contacted them (the shop). Still waiting for a meaningful response. But as I said, its just a cable and keycap remover so it's not a big deal. I really like the keyboard so i definitely don't want to send it back I primarily wanted to inform that it happened, so it migh've happened to someone else.
  3. Hello, I've just bought my MasterKeys Pro S in Poland but somehow i didn't get any usb cable or keycap remover in box, which is weird. Did it happen to anyone else? The shop is legit, I paid full price and it definitely wasn't used. Not sure what happened here. In the meantime Im using usb cable from my phone charger and keyboard works fine, so that's not a huge deal.