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  1. Masterwatt Lite 600W weak 12V output

    11.6 is more than a bit low, consider it is a new PSU, even my BIOS reading on start up confirm is 11.808, either the sensor is wrong or this is really a weak PSU. I am more concern if the PSU can hold on for the 3 years warranty period, and if the PSU drop below 5% margin, will I able to claim a warranty.
  2. Just switch my old PSU to this new Masterwatt Lite 600W once everything setup done, I start up hwinfo64 and found that the 12V output on idle is 11.808? That output is consider low as this is a brand new PSU! Fire up a game and log the voltage, it is shown 11.808 max and min drop to 11.616 during heavy load. How can this be? even my 10 year old PSU Acbel 450W perform better with max at 12.096 and min 11.712 my system is just a basic rig:- i3-4160, 8GBX1 DDR3 RAM, GTX750Ti(no external source),Hyper 103 cooler onboard speaker, gaming mouse and keyboard via USB, 2 512GB SATA Harddisk