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    Not happy with RMA

    Happened to literally every key. But the keyboard did not work. I realized that might be the issue so before I sent it in I tried fn + F5 and the keyboard then killed its lights and the USB was not recognized. Got the RMA back after multiple conversations with Customer support and it took 2-3 weeks to get the keyboard just to get the wrong switch after I was promised I would get Browns . Typing on Reds.
  2. Seth Wiley

    MasterKeys Lite not working

    Hey Simon. I am currently typing to you on a Masterkeys Pro S. I won one from a twitter giveaway at a Robotics World Championship and was shocked when the USB would not recognize when I got home. I had to fill in an RMA request to get a new one. I also have a 750 watt psu but I promise its on the keyboard. Do not get your hopes up, but some of the CM staff are so nice that they might even upgrade you to a mechanical Masterkeys Pro. However do be VERY persistent as my was put on hold for weeks and didn't change until I talked to customer support to question why it wasn't shipped. I am kind of mad because I asked for them in the comments to send a replacement with Cherry MX Browns and I was promised by a Customer Support Rep that they would switch them but I am typing on Cherry MX reds . Best of luck!
  3. Seth Wiley

    Not happy with RMA

    I'm having the same issue. Waited two long weeks without a keyboard and all my RMA says is 'goods in'. That's pretty worrying as I cannot do anything on my computer as of this moment. I typed this on my phone. Submitted a masterkeys pro S that wouldnt be recognized after I typed things and when it was recognized and I typed 'A' it would type that letter 5+ times. A little disappointing as I have used CM in many parts of my computer.