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  1. Well, at the time...absolutely no resolution was given, the problem in the simplest term's I can put it was that my jack stand's came out of my case, with the screw's still attached and completely stripped the casing internally. But that's here nor there now...I simply came back to say it took one phone call an I was offered an eRMA on my entire case, shipped first with a credit card, or after my original was returned (that part I got a chuckle out of---how do you return a case FIRST?). I am glad to say Cooler Master held up their Manufacturer's Warranty, although I decided shipping back a 2x2x1 Foot 30lb case at a price of $70-$100 to likely receive a refubished case was not worth my money and I simply bought another case. I have no issues continuing to buy/build/recommend Cooler Master product's to other's and purchase for myself due to that simple fact. It cost you nothing, but it meant everything. And for that I thank you. Next time i'll stick to the phone...but this was an extremely rude thing to post public even during a moment of I wanted to rectify my action's if at all possible now that it has been resolved, even without a replacement. So anyone who may be reading this, if it's personally. They will help you. --Robert Peel III
  2. So I opened a ticket on my Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper case, explained one of my fan wire's did not work for the giant top fan, stand-off's came so loose I had to bolt them in. My evo 212 came with a chip in the heatsink that 1) Either killed a Cooler Master Jetflo and a Sickleflow. 2) The sickleflow came DOA, Jetflo died within a few month's. My top fan is dying (from being connected to the spare fan port that uses the front panel, which at top speed shut's it off completely. I replaced the heatsink of course for the measly amount, left the stock fan on it, but the (at the time) $200 case is another story entirely, especially after all the failure's. I take partial blame for not being able to read an upside down reverse serial number and getting it wrong. But no response to tell me that, no response at all past the first. I'm not so mad about the hardware as I am at being completely ignored by a company who has come extremely close to destorying my $1700 (give or take a couple bucks) build when so much has went wrong. I felt the need to share before I go put in another ticket nearly a month later and see if I can't get some support. If I do maybe i'll feel the need to come back and explain what went wrong. I'm more insulted than injured by the soon to be cost, I got the same ignorance on Amazon over the fan's (of course it IS Amazon, not the place for PC part's) I'd love to add media, but I havn't bothered to clean off the OLD heatsink yet...though I will if they ask. Cleaning the new one and my I-7 was enough for me for awhile.