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  1. Have posted on Twitter, no response. Submitted support ticket, no response. Posted to CM Forum, no response. Even a "Thank you for asking, but no one cares about your stupid macro question." would feel better.
  2. 6 weeks and no response of any kind? Terrible customer service. Just terrible.
  3. My Masterkeys Pro M was just delivered and I am pretty much in love with the layout and typing feel. I have been using a Deck Hassium Pro with Mx Cherry Brown at work but wanted something more compact but did not want to give up the numpad. The Masterkeys Pro M layout is perfect for me. I am also amazed that the Browns on this Masterkeys feel MUCH better than those on the Hassium Pro. Weird. Not sure why that would be. Both are using MX Charry Browns. To me the browns on the Masterkeys feel a bit more like the MX Cherry Clears on one of my other boards. Not exactly, but much better tactile feel than the Hassium for sure. I also do not mind the ABS keys on the Masterkeys. They feel much better than I expected. The 00 key if going to come in handy for the data entry work I do all day. Enough of the raving, onto the problem I am hoping you can solve... My job is to key data into an asset management system all day. I have a lot of common repetitive data fields to enter (like a specific warranty date or 10-20 digit code) and because this a corporate system we are not allowed to install any software... like software based macro systems etc. So having a hardware-only macro keyboard is a sweet asset. I just spent the last hour testing out the macro function on the Masterkeys and it works pretty well, the only issue is that the macro playback is at the same rate it was entered. The Deck boards playback at a much accelerated rate. I like that. When I hit PN+<macro key> on the Deck Hassium pro, the data just appears instantly. Sometimes I will have hundreds of changes to make and during recording a macro I have to think about what I am doing to make sure I get all the keystrokes correct. Having to sit and watch the keystrokes playback at that slow pace is not really helping all that much. Is there any way in a future firmware update that CM can include a feature so macro playback speed can be accelerated? If you can make a setting to NOT record the time of keystrokes being entered, that would be HUGE and make this board the PERFECT asset to my job. thanx Mjr