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  1. Hello all, I've been using my Elite 130 case without problems but accidentally snapped the plastic pins holding the 120mm front facing fan when I was trying to upgrade to a Corsair one. While it still fits in place, it's loose and not ideal. Additionally, though I'm based in Canada, I will be visiting the States soon and so can order from the CM parts store. I've browsed the selection and found that the CM690II and the HAF912 Advanced OEM kits have a similar looking like plastic screws. In the CM690II, it appears to be listed as "Plastic Revit" for fan install and in the HAF912 as the "fan screw". Does anyone know which one is appropriate for the Elite 130? When I put in normal 120mm mounting screws it doesnt seem to work and I dont want to damage the mounting holes. Thanks in advance!