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  1. Greetings Yesterday I purchased Masterwatt Maker 1200. And whilst installation was a bliss and functionality is too, the software and control software is simply unacceptable. The Connect software on PC works, but crashes on empty field and some field called 60'S speed or something. Whenever I put my computer to sleep, the program shuts down and fan starts to blow at full speed. Also, the fan is horrible, why in the :) is it so loud? :/ even at lower RPM? And the mobile application doesn't work at all. I can't run it, it simply stays at first screen and than says that it can't connect to the device. I see the CM MasterWatt Maker on my phone, but I can't pair with it. Though, about the BT I don't care much. I do however care about modes. It doesn't remember my custom mode, everytime I wake up PC, or turn it on, I have to set it from scratch. Any clues? kind regards Bryan