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    So it begins! I have been living in the islands for the better part of the last two decades. Being an enthusiast, I always had a great gaming laptop, but as we all know, they can only go so far. Well, I'm not back in the states, and it's time to build. Today, I recieved my Maker 5T and a Kraken X62. Tomorrow most of the rest comes in. I will list them in posts here, as they arrive. Then I will chronicle the build in pics. Feel free to ask any questions you like.
  2. Hey, I have read many, many, many reviews on this case before buying it. And all of them said that I could put a 280mm and a 360mm radiator in it, on top and in the front respectively. But the cutout in the top will not allow the 280mm radiator to fit because of the end tanks. I bought a Kraken 280mm, and I had to reverse the better config of a push fan system, into a pull config with the fans on the top. But even putting the fans on top, I could barely get two screws to grab threads in it, and I am paranoid about that. While I have those two screws tightened down good, this isn't optimum for a flagship case. So with all the time you guys have had to upgrade this case, I'm wondering why you haven't? Anyway, I'm not here just to complain. I am more interested in a solution. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?
  3. For you and smiley, while I totally agree with you, there should be more color choices, if you have not seen this case in person, you can't possible know, but it is NOT bright red like it looks on the net. the color is actually a metallic copper color, with little tiny metal flakes in the paint. It really looks premium!!! I was going to get it and paint it, but once I saw it in person I was like WOW!!! This case is so much better looking in person, in every way, than it is on the net. jmho.
  4. Calling us to do what????? If you are looking for feedback, I will dip in with a bad thing, a horrible thing, a good thing and a great thing or two... First, the bad thing is that the front I/O on the face-plate should be updated. Considering this is your flagship case, and USB 3.1 has been out for over a year, you should have two usb 3.0 ports, a usb 3.1 A port, and of course a type C 3.1 port. This is such a no-brainer that I can't believe you guys have droppe the ball on that one. Second, the horrible thing is everything I read before buying this case was that you could put a 280mm and a 360mm AIO system in this case, on the top and front respectively. But I have purchased a Kraken X62 and the end tanks on the radiator are too long to fit on top, with the fans in a push config. So I've had to install it with the fans above it, in a pull config, and even then could barely get a few screws to grab its threads. This is not a good situation. Third, a good thing is that this case is built very sturdy, looks and feels very premium in person. Lastly, the great thing is this case looks very different online than it does in person. Online, the red accents look bright reddish orange, but in person they look much more like a copper color, darker and more beautiful than the online appearance. I really love the metal flake pieces in the paint, that gives it the metallic finish from all angles. Because of that and how nicely painted the black areas are as well, this case IS SO MUCH SHARPER IN PERSON THAN IT IS ONLINE. I LOVE THIS CASE! That being said, I would like an updated face-plate and an rgb light tube instead of a single colored one.
  5. Here's my question about the panel, considering how long usb 3.1 has been out, why aren't two of these 3.1 and two of them 3.0??? Most really good mobo's today have one usb 2.0, one usb 3.0 and one usb 3.1 jumper on the board. So trying to hookup four usb 3.0 faceplate ports is problematic. But if two of them were 3.1 it would be very easy. Considering that this is the top of your line, it should be updated to the current tech. Even two usb 3.0 ports, a usb 3.1 and a type C would be a much better choice than four 3.0 ports.
  6. As for the Maker 5T, this is a beautiful design, and is considered a very good case. But it could easily be considered not only a "great" case, but the BEST atx case IF you change just a few things. Offer the case in WHITE, with blue, red, purple and black accents. Offer multiple RGB light bars, not just one bar at one color. Make more room on top and front for 360mm RADS. Make rubber graumets on the top and bottom of where the mobo goes, for better cable management. Offer a choice of solid aluminum back side panel, instead of two tempered glass panels, to cut expense for some buyers. Don't paint inside such a polarizing color, as this pushes some customers away. Stick with neutral colors like black, gray and white to maximize customer tastes. Lowering prices can actually make you more money, by allow more users to afford the case. Biggest complaint on the net about this case is price. Listen to your customers. I hope this helps, from the perspective of a loyal customer. Thanks!
  7. Hi CM, I would really like to know about some news and leaked images of the cases coming in June. I am holding off of some of my decisions on my current plan for my next build, but need to have some idea if it is worth it to wait, or whether I should go ahead and purchase a case now. While I really love the Maker 5t case, because you ONLY offer it in one color, and even the lighting is ONLY red, I am leaning towards a different case. But IF you are coming out with something I really want in June, then I might be willing to wait and get your case instead. I'm really on the edge, so any news or leaked photos would be a great help in my making up my mind. If I don't have something to keep my interest, then my patience will no doubt not allow me to wait, and I'll probably go in a different direction. But I wanted to be fair, and give you a chance, as I think your design aesthetics's earn you this. So please, any news or photos would be greatly appreciated. Things on my wish list: More color combination choices, more RGB lighting choices, more room for RAD and a little bit lower price range. Thanks!!!