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  1. Brian Welfare

    New Mastercase Maker 5

    In the end..the fix i found. Took some time,not sure it will stay fixed-but i works as of now at least. Motherboard problem = Case is 100% :-) Very happy with it so far-hope to get the TG side panel soon.
  2. Brian Welfare

    New Mastercase Maker 5

    Hi,recently got a mastercase maker 5.After booting up i noticed the 3.0 port does not work.The 2.0 ports are fine,the led bar and reset and fan speed control all work though. I have checked the connection of the 3.0 to the motherboard(Z270E).ie Removed and replaced it. Any advice or possible fix a great help-don't wish to pull it all apart again if at all possible. Thx in advance for any help :-)