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  1. Update: There were no problems with the rma process. The new PSU was shipped today.
  2. I submitted a ticket and I was assured that there would be no problem to accept the RMA because of these scratches. I will post an update when the psu arrive at Cooler Master service center.
  3. I had thought it wasn't so important to open a ticket for this case, but I will open one. thank you
  4. Hello guys, I was a happy user of a Silent Pro M2 620W PSU for almost 4 years, until a couple days ago it refused to turn on my PC. I decided to RMA it, but I realised that there is a spot with scratched paint at one edge and the sticker has two scratches. Shipping cost is not insignificant, so I wonder if these scratches are enough to cause the rejection of my RMA when my PSU is received by Cooler Master. These are the scratches: Any help appreciated!