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  1. weejim

    MKTRX AMMO 315

    I love seeing how a bunch of raw materials are gathering shape like that, talk about scratch built! Seriously impressive work!
  2. weejim

    MKTRX AMMO 315

    Nice finish on the handle! Ain't it heavy though, the case I mean ?
  3. See if you can cover the surfaces with wool instead. It's naturally fire resistant and a of a lot more environmentally friendly. On the VR front, I'm waiting for better resolution as the screen-door effect really doesn't suit my intended use-case. Should you tackle the vertigo/focus issues, your setup would be awesome for VR (nobody can sneak up on you)
  4. weejim

    MKTRX AMMO 315

    The sketches look cool, where did you get the inspiration from ?
  5. Awesome though a bit claustrophobic! How's the reverb on the speakers ? Planning on adding a VR headset ?
  6. weejim

    Forest's Heart

    Are the fans stable after sticking the wood material on the blades? I'd be weary of messing with the weight distribution of anything spinning fast.