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  1. Hello CM Community! Disclaimer: After building my first PC (not long ago), I quickly got interested about modding cases and PCs overall. As I was listening to "Paint it, black", I thought - damn, this is it. This is my first project. I don't know how will this work out, only know it's been in my head for a long time. I haven't even used most of the tools needed for modding, but that doesn't discourage me. About the project: Project Veteran is a homage to the Vietnam War. It's based on a cut and painted Fujitsu Esprimo P3520 case. At first I thought about ITX cases, but I thought "screw it - I'm just going to take a mini case that fits the theme." So I went with an emptied Fujitsu case - especially since my budget is tight. Insides are also closer to Vietnam than to current standards, as following: -MSI MS-7255 (I'll have to paint it though) -Intel Pentium Q8200 (to be acquired, current motherboard is running with a Pentium E4300) -GeForce GTX 260 - not sure about it since it's big and may cover some of the props I'm trying to put inside) -the cheapest, well-reviewed PSU I can find - I'm thinking about SilentiumPC Vero M1, but it's to be determined -Atapi iHAS 124B - using CD-rom is a must since the case is used and doesn't have one 5'25" cover. I have a spare Atapi I don't use -some spare parts I have The plan is to make the case look like an ammo box - the exterior will be darker green, interior will be painted with a camo finish. Top of the case will be able to open. State on day 4/17/2017: -stripped the metal parts off of any paint (only sides of the plastic front panel are left) -cut the top-and-right segment of case so the case can be opened -cut window hole -finished camo patterns and other visuals (last pic) Screenshots attached. Will be updated as soon as any progress is made.