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  1. Been loving the keyboard so far, and my suggestion is not specific to the S model. Even though I game a little, I'm a developer and use my keyboard to code the most. One thing some developers do is override the Caps Lock key and I even like to go the extra mile and override the print screen, screen lock, and pause keys, but the fact that the caps and scroll lock key's light only comes on when it is in fact "locked" kinda sucks. I wish I could have the light on regardless. It would be nice to build that remapping into the software to remap certain keys like the caps and scroll lock, but I use sharp keys to achieve it currently.
  2. Philippe Batigne

    Media key issue

    So I did have a Chrome app, keys, that was hijacking the media keys. It's an app that'll let you use media keys for youtube, google play music, netflix, etc, but I could have sworn it wouldn't hijack if there was nothing in chrome to play/pause. Thanks for your help!
  3. Philippe Batigne

    Media key issue

    Recently replaced my Quick Fire Rapid with the Masterkeys pro s and I was able to use the play/pause and skip functions on my old keyboard but not the new one. I've tried using keyboard software to see if the keyboard is giving the play/pause keyboard code/signal but it's not. Any solutions? Does it work for other people? The volume buttons work fine though, so it's weird the media keys don't work at all.