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  1. I bought 6 masterfan pro rgb 120mm fans for my build. I have an issue with trying to light all the fans. I am using an asus maximus IX code, and have only 2 rgb headers. however with 6 fans I need to hook 6 connectors. is it possible to split one mobo header 6 times without causing damage to mobo or fans, unsure of how much current is used by the leds as compared to mobo output. looking at the ces coverage and posts on the internet, and even the product sheet, there is a rgb control box that can be purchased separately to control them, however I cannot find it on coolermasters website, store, or anywhere else on the internet. is it not available yet, very confused. I now have 6 rgb fans that i can not turn on, and i am now unsure what to do?? any help would be appreciated.. thank you