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  1. Team Legacy

    X2-I7 Pit Droid

    Just finished designing this 3D model of the case!! Just need to add the robotic limbs, cables, and its hip. The blue block in the back is going to be the PSU location. There's still a lot of work ahead to finish. Hope you'll like the finish case mod. ..
  2. Team Legacy

    "Chrono Master" - project

    Amazing mod
  3. Team Legacy

    X2-I7 Pit Droid

    What's better than modding the cooler master elite 110 case?? Converting it to a case that can transform into a pit droid from Star Wars!!!! It does even more than that it houses a camera in its eye. When you need to save space it can transform into a compact version just like the pit droid. If you need to save even more space you can remove the head and the legs of the case. It will have led lights, liquid cooling, and a clear acrylic front panel to see the PC components. We will 3D print some of our parts like the head.