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  1. Tips

    Dark Wanderer

    Some more paint Side panels: Parts installing Final gallery
  2. Tips

    Dark Wanderer

    Front of case! Fitting: Preparing front panel: Riveting: And completed panel before paint: Paint and watering:
  3. Tips

    Apollo 18

    First the plan, i want to put PSU, Pump and radiators in separate unit, that will be called E.W.U.-External water unit. Deconstruction of case: Paint stripping from aluminium parts: Base coat of paint: And striping some old TV`s for decoration parts:
  4. Hey maybe you can help me, is there some Post limit on forum? 

  5. Tips

    Red Triangle

    Hello! This will be "Red Triangle" mini pc/media center project based on some weird MOBO. I don`t even know the model but it works! The goal is to make it small and stylish! Stay tuned for more! MOBO Pictures:
  6. Tips

    Apollo 18

    Hello! "Apollo 18" project inspired by Apollo N.A.S.A program, based on ATCS 840. In plan is full LCC and some interesting modification so stay tuned! Spec: CPU: i7 6700K GPU: 2x GTX 980 in SLI MOBO: Maximus VIII Formula RAM: 2x8 GB Dominator Platinum Photos of base case:
  7. Tips

    Dark Wanderer

    Hello "Dark Wanderer" is tower mod based on Mastercase Maker 5T and dedicated to "Diablo" franchise. Spec: CASE: Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5tGPU: GTX 1080CPU: i7 7700kMOBO: MSI Z270 Gaming M3SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GBRAM: 16 GB G.Skill RipjawsPSU: Cooler Master V750LCC: EK Water Blocks And some raw parts photos: All designed by myself and made on water-jet Machine. More pictures and upload soon!