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  1. Hy Friend.. Dont miss it!! Thankyou for Attention,, for support and for Vote Me.. Really Thankyou... The Red Hat Rakazone21 Indonesia Please support me by vote and comment on this link : http://makerhub.coolermaster.com/portfolio-item/mod-gallery-the-red-hat-rakazone21/ Good luck everybody .. i am really challenged with this event ..
  2. Cheers ... yups .. we are using the same motherboard and aluminum PC too ,, i hope through this forum added brotherhood, add science and experience in modifying computer .. nice to meet you SotosLg ,, nice work ,, and good luck in this competition ..
  3. Hello QC,, Maybe you can try by using acrylic or plate like, made to size 130 to make 120mm fan holder so as not to damage mounting hole ,,
  4. Thanks for your greetings Igor .. your work also looks great .. good luck friend..
  5. Rakazone21


    The Red Hat [Hidraulic's System] #CMStacker #Indonesia
  6. We have the same casing with different concepts .. nice to meet you Mr Null..
  7. The paint really spoil the eye that looked .. this is a good paint I think .. the right choice your mod case .. i like it.. good luck ya..
  8. Good work friends .. great job... I like the concept of watercooling and change the shape of the casing ... good luck Hulkbear..
  9. I think it's great .. quite a bit of finishing to get better..
  10. eumm akratos,, Is it true live fish there?? wellll donee..