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  1. Dear cooler master is it possible to remove the psu shroud and so is it 2 part like remove shide shroud then top shroud or is there in the future a look in shroud because mine future psu has screen on it asus thor 1200 watt i am hoping that if you guys going to release a shroud with window or open shroud i am intrested in the case please find out thank you
  2. ar these type of AIO also going to work with 4 Pin rgb ?? or only 3 pin addressable rgb
  3. does cooler master sell a splitter ? and can you tell me when the rgb box is being released because i think i can then use that to connect al mine fans for aura sync
  4. Hello i want to have more info i just pre orderd 3 of the MASTERFAN PRO 120 Air Balance RGb want to use them with aura sync so am i to daisy chain this or use a splitter for aura how can i do this or is this included in the package how can i use them al 3 to sync together with aura sync hope anoyne can understand and help