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  1. It is time to assemble... Told you , this project is quite simple with limited sources but I want to make it cute. I don't care XD AND>... COMPLETED! Sorry for the short worklog. Hope you enjoy it like I do. Thanks!!!
  2. The case is repainted by using texture spray paint. Quite hard to find this product in Malaysia. Luckily manage to get it. This is the granite type. I find this case quite tricky to disassemble. But once you get the way, it is the easiest case to disassemble. Thank me Later DONE REPAINTING.... NEXT IS THE GROOOOT Thanks to the designer from Thingiverse for the Groot Design. 3D Print all the way.. But I am regretting to put support on this print. Life goes on~ Add Flower on top to emphasize the cuteness of Groot <3 Groot need to sit on the grass. Or else he will rebel jk.. Anyway, I put artificial grass as the base at the front of the case This decorative wood/plant is used to give more nature inside Groot's House
  3. This is the final form of Gear Up Tower Build.
  4. Hi Guys.. This is my second submission for this year Case Mod World Series. And for this Submission, I am going to use Cooler Master Stryker SE Case!!! I am planning to do a simple mod with little resources but give a significance change of look . Thanks a lotf or the main sponsor of this build, Cooler Master Malaysia!. Their help is such a huge step for me to move further. And for this build, TEAM GROUP is kind enough to send me 4x 8GB T-Force Delta2 DDR4 RAM... Last but not least, thanks a LOT to Goldfries and ASUS for supporting me all the way in term of hardware and coverage!!! With the help from Cooler Master and Team Group, this tower build will feature ARGB lighting! OKAY, LET'S DO THIS! The hardware that I am using for this project are mostly from my personal Computer~ CPU: Intel i5 6th Gen Motherboard: Asrock Z170m Pro4 GPU: Asus RTX 2060 6GB Strix Ram: 4x 8GB T-Force Delta2 DDR4 PSU: Cooler Master V1000 Gold Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120R ARGB Fans: Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB Case: Cooler Master Stryker SE The Pure Baby Girl of Stryker SE STAY TUNED~
  5. I AM BACK!!! The gears are practically in place. Now, time to assemble the parts. For this build I am using 2x 140mm RGB fans for the intake air. Thanks to Cooler Master for the sponsor!. Assembling the MasterLiquid is very easy and straight forward. Cooler Master V1200 Platinum in Action Thanks ASUS for the GPU loan. Really makes the build brighter than ever. Plus, the Cooler Master Vertical GPU holder really goes well together with the GPU. If you look closely, the gears are moving . No worries, the videos incoming. Apparently, I decided to repaint top and front case. To make it looks more metallic. Repainted with Gold Color. Not sure why, but I am quite attached with gold color NEXT REPLY IS GONNA BE THE FINAL FORM OF GEAR UP! BUILD
  6. NEXT!!! Let's put it in place. The Gears are randomly placed. 2 mm holes are drilled through the case to give way for the bolts and nut to hold the gears nicely. Looking good for now. I'm testing the flow of the gears and the gap needed to provide smooth energy transfer between gears. Then, I need to fix the starting point of the gears which is the motor location. Luckily, Trooper SE provides a very ideal fans mount location. I'm using the fans mount to mount the Motor in the case. Pic or didn't happen! Done with the motor. Next is to complete all the gears position. drilled the hole carefully. and make sure the bolt is straight and tighten before inserting the gear. Keep it going bro... The motor is switched on/off to test the flow of energy. 3D print Cooler Master Logo to join the back side case team. Drilled hole at the center to fit the bolt and nut. The Cooler Master Logo really emphasize the looks of the outcome! silver brush paint is added onto the logo to give more vintage looks. TO BE CONTINUE.... Toilet Break
  7. everything starts with a sketch The initial idea is to get a group of moving gears at low rpm. The Gears are 3D printed. I get the design from Thingiverse and start to print it. 1 print takes me around 1 to 3 hours depend on the size. Which means, a lot of time spent to complete all the gears... Looking good so far. I am using PLA Filament Bronze and Gold for the Gear This small 70 rpm motor is used to rotate the gear. The start up gear (that's what I called it ) is center drilled to insert the motor rod. Then, glued together to make sure it fits nicely and doesn't move during power on. Next step, is to power on the motor. This is a DC motor which is really straight forward. I am using battery holder with built in switch in. A simple circuit will do the job. Positive Negative boys! The motor doesn't not come with a holder. Therefore, 3D print is the way! Made a quick print for the motor holder. fits nicely
  8. It has been a long time since I want to make something at the back side panel. Oh sorry, not at the panel. Let's remove the panel and doing something at the back side of the case... I am looking for a nice movement at the back side of the case. maybe a flow of water? or maybe a rotating parts? or maybe a pneumatic controlled piston? .... Then it is decided! Gear it is!!! I started my work log with short appreciation notes. First and foremost, huge gratitude to my wife for tremendous support from day 1. Cannot complete this without her support . Thanks a lot to Cooler Master for sponsoring me the CM Trooper SE Case for this project. Cooler Master is also helping me out by giving me AIO cooler, Vertical GPU Holder, RGB Fans and many moreee... For the 3D design, I am sending my huge thanks to the awesome designer Snille from Thingiverse which helps me a lot on the gear design. Check out his awesome design at Thingiverse. Last but not least, thanks a LOT to Goldfries and ASUS for supporting me all the way in term of hardware and coverage!!! OKAY, LET'S DO THIS! The hardware that I am using for this project are mostly from my personal Computer except Cooler Master parts as Cooler Master is being so generous in Modding Scene. Cannot thanked them enough. CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 Motherboard: Asus Z170-P D3 GPU: Asus RTX 2080 8GB Turbo Ram: 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3L PSU: Cooler Master V1200 Platinum Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB Fans: Cooler Master 140mm RGB Fans Case: Cooler Master Trooper SE This is the boyy~ Cooler Master Trooper SE! Gigantic, Majestic, yet easy to handle and to lift it.
  9. Finishing and Done I put an exhaust fan at the top for the airflow. I guess, this is it. Nothing much that I did compare to other participants. This mod project is done by using basic tools. I am a beginner in PC mod case. I just started modding case since last year. There is a lot that I need to learn. I started from small. DIY some stuff, and minimize the cost as I am still a student. limited budget. That is why I chose to use recycle and stuff that I can easily get around me. So, below are the pictures of the completed project. NIGHT MODE THE END Thanks guys for the support. I am open to any constructive criticism. And also feedback. Any tips and advice are much appreciated.
  10. I use "Encik Chopper" as my alias. made a backplate of it. cheapest with a little bit of effort method. Designed it using microsoft office and print it out using sticker paper Traced it bit by bit. Patience is a key Sprayed white at the back and black at in front. Then, pull out the sticker. For the watercooling part, nothing extraordinary. I still need to practice my bending skill. Did a little blood effect for the reservoir showcase
  11. tenkiu bro. low budget punya modding je. tak cukup pro lg. berhuhu
  12. RGB CLOUD this is quite simple project that you guys can do at home for your kid's room deco . Stuffs that I used to make the cloud 2x Empty bottle (1.5L) cutting tools (Scissors, knife etc) Cotton wool (Bought from pharmacy for around 2USD ) Hot Glue Gun Led Strip The 2 empty bottle was cut into half Stick it together Make a hole using knife. This hole can allow me to put the LED strip into the bottle Measured it again so that the length is not too short or not too long. Just nice I used the hot glue gun and applied it on the empty bottle, then I stick together the cotton wool. Repeat this step until the most of the front side of the bottle is covered by the wool. LOOKS FLUFFY I Put the LED Strip inside the cloud through the hole that I made earlier and test it in the dark. . . . . . . . . . Looks nice to me, atleast
  13. I decided to cut the fan grill to make a space for the reservoir so that it can be seen from outside. shout out to my fiance for sponsoring this dremel rotary tool Cleaned up a bit the uneven cut. Then, I cut a piece of acrylic sheet to cover the hole so that the reservoir can be seen from outside. The original plan was that the reservoir is held by 2 holders horizontally but I changed it because that old reservoir was leaking during the leak test. So I used another old reservoir but smaller one.
  14. My modding project is very back to basic. That's what I call Student Rate Modding. No advance machining, spray gun etc. Poster colour \ Sprayed colorless spray coating for finishing
  15. Here comes the "Art Attack". after around 15 years, I can finally try to make the low-cost sculpture by myself. The ingredient: PVA glue mixed with water toilet paper some patience The PVA glue is mixed with water in a container. Stir and mix it well with the water. Apply the mixture onto the surface of the box by using a paint brush. Put a layer of toilet paper onto it and apply again the mixture of PVA glue and water. Repeat the steps until it covers the whole thing. Make a few layers to make it sturdy. USB fan to the rescue. Sure it helps a lot to dry up the inside. . . . . . . . . . . So This is it, the outcome. Not bad tho.