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  1. I like how because i formatted this happens on sentinel 3 ..was working fine before format.. And cooler master support didn't reply here or didn't say the usual "update USB drivers" or w/e b*llcrap and my older mouses are sentinel 2...
  2. So..after 3 years of not formatting,i just did 2 days ago..installed portal and mouse but without noticing until today my mouse keep my Profile color but the LCD is OFF and DPI doesn't apply Win 10 64-bit 1803 Updated mouse firmware If i switch profile on the mouse and enter/exit a game this happens..very annoying dunno what to do..
  3. Uxot

    Sentinel Advance III Issue

    Oh well...even support from CM didnt even reply...RIP
  4. I recently got the Sentinel Advance III which i didnt know they even made! (had the I & II here) Once i got it i updated firmware..but sometimes the mouse just decide to turn off then i need to replug it to make it work again,it seems to happens in games yet..