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  1. FRONT COVER AND DETAILING Assembly of front cover,and detailing of the Beargguy. For the cover, I want to expose the power supply inside so I made a "battle damaged hole" and planning to add some weathered painting theme on it.
  2. AIO ASSEMBLY In here I used 3/8 5/8 soft tubes connecting to the AIO block,radiator,reservoir and PSU. The pump of this MASTERLIQIUD ML240L RGB is so strong,it easily manages to watercool this Beargguy project.
  3. PSU CABLE SLEEVING I used pink,gray and black combination of sleeves on the FSP PTM+ 850w power supply to match the color scheme of my build.
  4. HARDWARE INSTALLATION Test fitted and installed the hardwares to be used in this build..
  5. GPU REPAINTING In here I have repainted the MSI Gaming X RX570 to match the color scheme of my build.
  6. AIO WATERCOOLING MOD I managed to rip-off the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB, and I plan to add the PSU and a reservoir to the loop.
  7. HEAD (INTERNAL PART) Added aluminum foil on the inside to dissipate heat quickly inside the case. Then I cut some mesh for the eyes part.
  8. PRIMER & PAINTING I have started the painting job,currently on-going
  9. THE HEAD (ADJUSTMENT & BRACKET INSTALLATION) I have added fillers on the nose and mouth part. Plus I installed the brackets where the head will be held.
  10. HANDS (CLAWS) In here I used scraps of PETG Tubes for the claws.
  11. ARMS (ASSEMBLY) Using some old plastic container hanging around,I managed to make them as the mount of the arms to the frame of the beargguy. Test fitted them and it works
  12. SANDING The hardest and dirtiest part of the work,sanding!!
  13. THE HEAD (CUTTING) I cut the head to half,and added some holes for vents and window.Also i've added a hump on the face part
  14. THE HEAD (FILLER) I ran out of epoxy resin so in the head part, I used plain body filler.
  15. THE HEAD (ASSEMBLY) It's hard to make some round forms on a box so I used tie wire and mesh to make the head of the beargguy.