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  1. Himari

    MasterKeys Pro L and S - Mega Thread

    Tool come with a profile editor and a profile reader, editor generate "effect.json" profile than profile reader apply the effect through official SDK according to profile and user input. Profile reader don't have access to keyboard firmware, so no need to worry about tool screw up your firmware setting. The profile editor itself is a web app which can be pack as desktop app by using framework like Electron, or it can be host on server make it easy to view/fork/share others' RGB profile(like Codepen for keyboard lighting effect).
  2. Himari

    MasterKeys Pro L and S - Mega Thread

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about to to release the tool I develop last year for MasterKey RGB profile, since CM currently have no plan to update software related to custom RGB profile. So I thought it will be a good idea to release the tool I build for people who want to create they own lighting effect but have no idea how to deal with C++ SDK. The tool itself is still being the same state as last year(not polished, and some function are be not implement). It current support static, dynamic, reactive effect. Reactive effect's position, scale, color tone can react to keypress, number of key pressed, variable(CPU/GPU temperature, CSGO Health/Armor for now). Work on MasterKey Pro S/M(which I own). Need some feedback from you guys to determine should I continue the development or not. short video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37_T1PFwTq8