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  1. Looted Haf Final

    this is some of the Orkz bad moonz images and where we took the concept for the mod case
  2. Looted Haf Final

    This issome of the materials and tools we used to create the mod
  3. Looted Haf Final

    this is the banner of the right cover of the case its paint in a canva and the waaagh letters are in metal sheet and later we painted them to red
  4. Looted Haf Final

    This is the front part of the case, we start with a metal thin mesh but later we change it for a gross mesh
  5. Looted Haf Final

    the right cover was cut to create the space for the Bad Moonz banner, we apply the paint patron in the fron part of the cover yellow/black squares
  6. Looted Haf Final

    This is the paint patron from the bad moon badge in right cover and the square patron with yellow, black and some red
  7. Looted Haf Final

    This is a bit of the progress cutting the metal sheet and starting the paint patron for the front cover and right cover
  8. Looted Haf Final

    A bit pictures of the progress
  9. Looted Haf Final

    Hello Everyone! Our First Mod Project "Looted haf" Its finished Inmediataly you can read some imformation about the mod, the inspiration, all the materials we used and how we create the mod The Project its Based in Warhammer 40000 Orkz specially in "Bad Moonz" Warband, we try to give the mod the style and all the essence of a Orkz Fortress, using symbols, banners, spikes to make an agressive aspect on the case. We used parts of Old cases and all the parts were handmade, we use the color scheme from Bad moonz warband, all the paint parts were paint by hand including the "back banner" we tried to keep a bit the shape of the original case covering everthing with paint or some parts of metal. We include in the right cover of the case the Warcry from the orkz "WAAAGH" as the Bad moonz war Banner, in the left cover we include the symbol of the "Bad Moonz" with the classic black/yellow square patron in both covers, we keep the Haf letters in the left cover with a red paint, the front part was removed and we include a rust Mesh and we made and "ork face" with metal sheet and paint the half with the square patron and add 2 tooths to the low chin under the tooths, we replace the acrylic in the left cover and replace with a metal mesh and painted in red and add some spikes with screws, the top part we cover with some spykes to give that agressive essence of a Ork fortress, we cut the right cover and we add the banned hand painted in a canvas covering all the hole in the right cover as the WAAAGH letters and square patron Basically its all we did in this first projec, we really enjoy working and creating from basically trash. I hope you like the project as we did and all the opinions about the mod are welcome! Thanks all for your attention!
  10. Looted Haf

    Well i come back with some work we are making in the Looted haf as I explained in the past topic its based in Warhammer 40k faction orkz for the warband Bad Moonz. Theres some advance and we are making the last work this weekend, I hope you like it its rusty and orkysh! More to coming
  11. Looted Haf

    Hello everyone well this is my first time in modding case and i will mod my haf 32 based in warhammer 40k Orz of the warband "Ban Moonz" I just started and I hope you like the final design of the mod i will add some pictures of the ideas, materials, the advancements and everything about the mod. I hope you like it and lets enjoy this!