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  1. Elladan

    MasterCase 5t ECM - Elladan -

    Hi there!! Back for a major update. I was a bit busy to give some regular news... but now, the project is complete!! So, it's time some pictures of the building process and final pictures To begin with, the original color theme should have been, grey, black and yellow, but... I have received form Asus a great Z170S sabertooth, so I had to change plans. All the case wil be in white/grey and black.. I started to modify the front panel to give a reactor look like: paint job to give a burn/rust effect working on the top of the MC 5t Creation of a PSU cover Sand blasting the tempered glass I also worked on the Masterliquid 280 to put it on the top of the case but... I didn't checked if it will fit there... and no... so another changement, I had to modify and install a masterliquid 92 Reassembling the case and mounting harware Unfortunatly, I did not hace received the DDR4 in time :/ And the result: Hope you will appreciate this mod. Cheers
  2. Elladan

    MasterCase 5t ECM - Elladan -

    Hey! Small update with paint job on the MB tray, sanded, primed and severals layer of different colors ( light grey, dark grey, black, copper and silver ) to have a rusted/damaged paint effect
  3. Elladan

    MasterCase 5t ECM - Elladan -

    Hi there!! This year, I decided to take part to the Cooler Master contest. So I will use the great MasterCase 5t to start a new tower mod. I want to keep the original design, but will bring some changement inside the case and I will change the color theme. Well, to begin, I just dismantle the 5t to start the modifications: I just have to wait for materials, so, next update soon. Cheers