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  1. Marius

    MKTRX AMMO 315

    Excellent job, doc' ! Congratulations !!!
  2. Marius

    MKTRX AMMO 315

    Duuuude....this is freakin' awesome !!!
  3. Marius

    MKTRX AMMO 315

    Awesome work with this LCD display, doc' ! I think that the mod of the LCD display is big enough to qualify as a project of its own :). Some pictures with the controller of the LCD would be greatly appreciated ! Keep up the good work !
  4. Marius

    MKTRX AMMO 315

    Wow ... nice approach, doc' ! Lookin' forward to see the finished product ! Keep modding ...
  5. Marius

    N200 ᵉᵛᵒ (weekend project)

    Hello guys, Like i said last week, the final assambley is here. Additionally i mounted a small switch for the led strips on the bootom of the front panel. Hope you like it !
  6. Marius

    N200 ᵉᵛᵒ (weekend project)

    Hello guys ! Another weekend, another update :). I said that i will finish the project this week, but i had some "problems" with the weather. I managed to finish the covers and do the paint. Personally i'm happy with the texture of the paint, because it matches the texture of the case. Next week i will do the final touches and after that... final assembly !
  7. Hi guys, I’m Marius, modder and PC enthusiast from Romania. Recently I bought a Cooler Master N200 case in order to use it for my mATX system. I like the minimalist look of the case but I think there are a few things that could be changed :D. First of all, who needs an optical drive (or an FDD) in 2017? Especially when the mounting of one would ruin the entire design of the front panel. In order to “repair” that I took my dremel and I started to cut and redo things. Before moving to actual work I would like to thank to Seasonic Europe for the sponsorship I received (an x750 power supply). So… like I said, the front panel of the case required a new look. In order to do that I glued the plastic cover of the 5.25 bay to stay there forever. For the floppy gap I took a piece of plastic and glued there. After the glue dried I used some automotive body filler and I use it to fill those small gaps between the 5.25 bay cover and the rest of the front panel in order to achieve an “one piece” front panel. I sanded the excess and applied a coat of primer. The next thing i did was to redo the front mesh of the panel, because the original one had those cutouts in it (for ODD and FDD). The mesh I had was quite thick (almost 1.5mm) and it was very hard to cut and bent, but after almost two hours I managed to do it. You can see the result beneath: When it comes to modding I have a saying :” You can’t do modding without getting hurt!”. As you can see beneath I was right once again : The next step was painting the mesh and the front panel. After that I started to work on the interior of the case. Because N200 is an mATX case you can’t hide the wires very well so I decided to make a PSU cover to solve that problem. For this operation I used pieces of cardboard for templates and some 4.0mm acrylic which I bent it with my home made “tool”. I don’t like those covers that cover the entire bottom of the case so I made it a little bit different. The last thing that I had time to do it was to prepare a “cozy” area for the SSD. Why there ? Well… because I like to keep the interior as clean as possible . This is for now, next week-end I hope to finish the PSU cover (plus other covers and things) and do the final assembly as well. Did I forgot something ? Oh …. yes… P.S.: I’m really sorry for the quality of the pictures, but this is the best my phone can do (i9505) . Also I’m sorry for any writing mistakes.