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  1. So which time zone is this May 3rd. I am from india and can anyone tell me what date it will be here :0
  2. The bend on default top electric panel and the bends i made for custom front panel did not matched, so i had to fill the gap with something. To fill in the gap and match the angle at bends, I used plumber's putty and sanded it when it dried. I used regular ruler to shape it. And painted it black After connecting both top and front to the case. . .
  3. For the left panel i wanted it transparent but not the the usual plain transparent; So i decided to print a vinyl, paste it and cut out the portion of it. The xacto knife is real fun to play with Here it is.
  4. After painting the GPU backplate It turned out a bit more glossy than my expectations so i grinded it with 220grit sand paper. Also i added the colors from underneath. Also painted the side panel Right side panel:
  5. Quick update, I had miscalculations in CPU cooler; the feet from socket 1366 are abit thick than socket 1155 leaving a paper-line gap between heatpipes and cpu. I have switched back to stock cooler. Cleaned the stock cooler by applying tomato ketchup and few drops of Vinager on the copper direct touch to oxidize and smoothen it. Painted a few parts and below are they Changed fan LED and cut short the default GPU cover for a new Preparing side panel and gpu backplate for painting
  6. The painted parts came in and started assembly Powder coating was way cheaper than buying two cans of spray paint
  7. visited a local glass dealer and fortunately he had cut pieces as per my requirement so i didn't end up buying whole sheet. Decided to file the edges to make them round.
  8. As the initial design, i both side panels from a metal sheet; but that turned out a bit bulky and disappointing. So, i threw that idea in the bin and thought to use pixie glass with paint work or vinyl. Cutting the already cut side panels for pixie glass.
  9. The awaited front and top laser cut came in today. Cutting front grill to adjust the logo.
  10. The cooler didn't had the socket 1155 push feet. Surprisingly one of my friend had Cooler Master Hyper 212 and he wasn't using its Intel push feet. I borrowed the feet and with little adjustments, it fit my cooler.
  11. Meanwhile i cleaned my old Gammaxx 400 cooler to fit onto.
  12. The primary idea of how i imagined it, i drew it on the paper (even my MSPaint skills are unparalleled). Started cutting the case to shape it. 1. Top mesh 2. Side panels 3. Front cage. 4. And the design to feed laser for front. 5. Drive bay.
  13. It will. May the Force be with you!
  14. Hi All, I am doing a STAR WARS themed case mod for CM Case Mod World Series 2017. The dark side of force is i am with, so i decided to tribute this case to Galactic Empire. I invite you to join Empire. For this, i choose a gem from past Cooler Master HAF 922. The case itself is already beautiful and efficient, the lease changes one want with this case are side panel and painted interior. I decided to change both side, top and front panel of the case; replace side panels with painted acrylic, front with empire logo and top with corridor light of Death Star. Started with dismantling the case.