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  1. Cooler Master is probably my favorite brand at this moment. I own the Mastercase 5 (which I gradually upgraded to a Mastercase Maker 5), a Masterkeys keyboard, a Hyper 103 and a Cooler Master PSU. All of this brand's products have been rock solid and completely reliable as far as I can tell. Recently I have been thinking about purchasing a AIO water cooling unit, and naturally, I'm tempted to go with CM. However I found some worrisome paragraphs in CM's warranty statements.: My question here is: What happens if, by no fault of my own and within the warranty period, a liquid cooler fails and leaks onto some of my other components? Will I get reimbursed for the damaged components? Thanks in advance! -Poondor.
  2. Hey! I'd like to install the Mastercase Maker 5 front door on my Mastercase Pro 5 . Do I have to replace my current mesh panel (which is this one I believe) with this mesh panel? And can I keep my current I/O panel (standard) or will I have to upgrade that too?