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  1. Mouse wheel slipping

    hi, I got my MasterMouse Pro L on March 16th and now the wheel has started to slip. Its the scroll wheel between left and right click. It feels like the bumps have disappeared or the wheel squeezes through when it shouldn't. Its the only problem I have had with the mouse but it really takes away from the lovely browsing experience I had. Is it a product defect or is there something I can do to fix it ?
  2. Dampeners for Masterkeys Pro L Cherry MX - brown

    Hi, Could someone help me out with Dampeners ? I recently got a new Masterkeys Pro L Cherry MX Brown keyboard and while its very good there a bit of noise from the keyboard and I think my brain needs some kind of resistance in the keystroke, I'm bottoming out to quick. Which dampeners should I get ? I have seen Dampeners but then I have started to seen different widths and resistance amount. What about these 150pcs Silicon Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners Install For Cherry MX Replace 8MM