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  1. come to an end -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. paint the parts during the hot sun is a good. Next, create a texture with Tamiya color. I put the temperature probe inside Test for 5 hours, heat 40-56 degrees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use RGB Light according to the era ^^^ Cooler Master Addressable LED Small Controller
  3. Use broken monitor parts to create frames for hardware It is a miracle I can use almost all the materials from the old monitor in the garage. It made me save a lot of money. I stole the pvc pipe in my father's back garden. pvc part cover
  4. . Mortal engine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I had the idea of watching a movie, a human engine with a scientific imagination that combines technology and the steam engine industry in the 19th century. Choose to use purple tones with steel, brass colors, the texture of steampunk and the addition of RGB lighting to the machine, which gives modern mood in the future. ventilation design
  5. Welcome everyone sorry !! My English isn’t that good. All steps of mock up successfully. Next start work.