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  1. Dying to get this thing hooked up, have to use my Noctua which blocks 2 of my ram slots cause the things a giant. Thanks.
  2. Gacnt

    CM ASUS X370-PRO (Socket AM4)

    There's a difference between the MasterLiquid 120, and the MasterLiquid "PRO" 120, which you linked the non-pro which claims to be AM4 ready, as where the PRO needs teh bracket.
  3. Gacnt

    MasterLiquid Pro 120 - Upcoming Chip

    Is there any ETA on the bracket release for this other than "coming soon"? Picked up a LiquidMaster 120 today and really want to use it. Noctua blocks 2 of my ram slots though it air cools well, it just isn't cutting it anymore, I want those ram slots back.